Business Information Solutions

Purchase Dynamics in the past two years have expanded its business portfolio to include Business Information Solutions. We have used this department to offer a range of training in the ever changing business environments, aimed at improving internal operation and pushing productivity to its highest point. Various private sector organisations in Nigeria, Government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies have benefited immensely from this program.

Rich and affordable business support services are constantly available to clients who sign up with us. Our one-stop business solution allows businesses to save time and money, by designing systems that enable them to manage their business operations electronically. We design software that  aids organisations in electronically managing human resources activities, administrative functions, project management functions, accounting and customer data base management.

We also coordinate promotional and marketing events for product launches, Product development and sales activities across Nigeria for both local and international brands. We represent international businesses with interest of investing in Nigeria or expanding their operations to Nigeria.

Our experienced creative professionals deliver exceptional services in addressing our clients concern by ensuring that such solutions are tailored to meet and exceed their immediate and future expectations.

Our affiliation with top UK industrial and organisational training providers accord us the opportunity to organise world class UK standard staff development training and workshop in Nigeria.