Purchase dynamics is a Procurement and Services Special Purpose Vehicle driven by seasoned professionals with a combined wealth of experience  spurring over fifteen years, and coming from the back ground of Logistics and Transportation  Administration, Marketing and Procurement Administration and Oil and Gas Administration. This company provides targeted procurement and delivery expert based service to well established companies, government agencies and Parastatals. Being an indigenous company founded and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, we have grown over the past two years to having a Co-operate existence in London and United States of America.

We strongly draw our strength from a fully global outreach of reliable and proven relationship with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) network to source products of all kinds at any given time frame, and at a highly competitive price to the advantage of our clients.

As part of our strategic sourcing solutions, we can complement our client’s procurement functions with experienced manpower during peak periods of project work load.

In resent time, our company is gradually branching out into other core service based contract in the areas of Water Engineering, Solar Power Engineering, Haulage and Telecommunication Engineering, CCTV Installation/Maintenance, and Oil and Gas supplies.

Mission Statement:

To serve, support, and collaborate with our customers and host communities in order to deliver innovative, timely, and accurate procurement solutions that create value and streamline processes in support of the goals and initiatives of our various clients.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to continue increasing our presence in and around African market as a trusted partner in the procurement industry, who delivers outstanding customer service, fosters collaborative relationships, and provides significant value to our clients and host communities.

Our Corporate Values

How we conduct our business is just as important to us as what we do. Our core values are the principles that guide us in providing our customers with the attention and service needed at all times to maintain that needed long term client relationship. Setting positive leadership standards in best practices and quality. Sourcing only high quality products that adhere to relevant industry standards.


We believe that we don’t just sell products/services but experience based procurement solutions. We impact our clients with optimum service delivery and offer new perspectives on their most pressing problems.

We combine business analysis and market research techniques to make grey areas a thing of the past. We also go one step further by offering the thinking and recommendations to guide your purchase decisions and make a real impact on your organization.

Why Choose Us

The Purchasing Dynamics capabilities will help you spark up a reliable, efficient and cost-effective supply chain for new or used (OEM) equipment, machinery and replacement parts, in a manner that will positively impact your organisation.

Purchasing Dynamics will give you solutions that will:

  1. Reduce your stock holding costs
  2. Improve supply chain efficiency
  3. Reduce working capital
  4. Simplify and consolidate vendor relationships
  5. Optimise energy savings